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Gamelan Joged:

Gamelan Joged Order

Gamelan Joged (VR660) features the musicians of the Dharma Kanti ensemble, from the hamlet (banjar) of Beluangan, in the village of Perean Kangin, Tabanan district. They perform the energetic and joyous music that accompanies tari joged, a dance of flirtation known throughout Bali. Their set of instruments, one of more than twenty distinct ensemble types in Bali, is called gamelan joged.

Joged Beluangan

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Vital Records is a recording label specializing in the music of Bali, Indonesia. Created in 1996 by Wayne Vitale, Vital Records is devoted to producing the highest quality digital recordings of Balinese gamelan ensembles, in genres ranging from centuries old to contemporary. Each recording project reflects the highest standards of process and product, a result of extended planning and discussion with the musicians. Recording locations are carefully chosen, considering not only significance for the ensemble but also acoustic properties, taking advantage of the sonic qualities of Balinese performance spaces such as temple courtyards and village pavilions.

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