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Returning Minimalism:

Returning Minimalism Order

Returning Minimalism (VR444) features new work for Balinese gamelan gong kebyar. Two Balinese composers, with virtuosic players from their gamelan ensembles, took on a unusual challenge—to create new works inspired by Terry Riley’s groundbreaking 1964 piece, In C, a founding work of minimalism. Using their extraordinary sense of ensemble and improvisational abilities, the artists regard one of the most potent styles of twentieth century Western music from a unique cultural perspective.

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Vital Records is a recording label specializing in the music of Bali, Indonesia. Created in 1996, Vital Records is devoted to producing the highest quality digital recordings of a variety of Balinese gamelan ensembles. The highest standards are used in every recording project, from extended planning and discussion with the musicians, to careful choice of pieces and recording location, to extensively researched documentation, to first-class post-production.

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